Summer is here!

Monday, May 24, 2010

holy experience

Each week I continue my list of things to be thankful for.  If you would like to start a list like this click the button above to learn more.

566. Summer is here!
567. A very full week last week of activities.
568. Smoothies!
569. VBS starts today for our church.
570. Volunteer opportunities for Zach.
571. All the gardening that I have been able to do.
572. Gonna try to grow pumpkins this year!
573. Camp-out for the kids and youth at our church.
574. Warm, sunny days.
575. Sun-kissed faces.
576. Great read alouds for the kids.
577. Tired puppies!
578. Dirt!  Without it there would be no garden!
579. A great book that a friend loaned me.
580. Early morning walk with a friend.
581. Computers that make life easier.
582. Tired, aching body from lots of exercise.
583. Flowers sprouting!
584. School being done...a break!
585. Trips to the local greenhouses.


Cheryl said...

Aching from exercise is always a good reason to be aching. I need to do more of that...well you can't do more of nothing. I need to start exercising :)

Angel said...

Love your thankful list!! Being a homeschool mom too, I am always thankful for the summer and ther break but then again I am always thankful when we start back!! Love and Blessings to you