Thankful for the Son and the Sun

Monday, March 22, 2010

holy experience

436.  The Son who was willing to give His life for me!
437. The sun that improves my mood!  All the sunlight we have had lately is making me happy!
438. God's provisions...He is so giving!
439. The boys getting a lot schoolwork done.
440. Doing science experiments!
Noah planting seeds
Zach waiting for his experiment to explode!
441.  Winning some giveways recently.
442.  The patience of God
443.  Swagbucks!  I am starting to earn points to get Amazon gift cards.
444.  Titan being too smart for his own good.
445.  Wholesome food
446.  Finally getting time to cut the boys' hair.
447.  The melting and dripping of snow.
448.  Visiting Titan's uncle last night.
449.  Peanut butter cookies.
450.  The boys having time with friends.

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