A Look at our Cooking Day Adventures....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Many of you know that I cook with a friend once a month.  We make 5-6 recipes that we quadruple and then split.  That comes out to about 10-12 meals that we stick in the freezer!  This has been such a blessing to both of us as we are very busy and have a hard time finding time to cook.  Here is a peek into what some of the cooking looks like...

My friend isn't fond of having her face on the internet...so this is all you will see of her!  She is cooking up some meat to go into our cowboy stew.  What you can't see is that she is wearing onion goggles!  These things really work!  You might laugh, but when you chop as many onions as we do to make all these meals your eyes really take a beating.  The goggles prevent that.  Another downside of mega cooking is that everything reeks of onion and garlic!  The months when we use less onion and garlic are a relief!

Here is the 16 bean soup we made this month.  We borrow pots from our church's kitchen in order to make the quantity that we need.

We also made baked potato soup this past month.  We modified the recipe a bit since we were freezing the soup.  We cooked the potatoes before putting them into the soup mixture because I was afraid that the uncooked potatoes would turn gray.  We also didn't put in the cream cheese...we will do that when we warm up the soup.  Our family had this soup last night...it was so yummy!!!

That's a lot of potatoes! They filled the oven!

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