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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For over a year now one of my closest friends and I have been doing what we have termed "Cooking Adventures". Each month we get together to cook meals that we can put in our freezer.  I have tried to post each time we cook and share the recipes with you.  You will notice on my left sidebar a recipe button.  If you click on that you will get a list and the links for our favorite meals.  But before I go into what we cooked yesterday for Februrary, I thought I would show you this awesome gift that my friend just gave me...a chef's shirt!  See what it says?!

Now I am a all decked out to cook what I want....

...just don't mess with the chef!  LOL
By the way, my friend got herself a matching shirt!

So onto more important things like our recipes...

The rest of the recipes come from the Year of Slow Cooking Blog


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KimSD said...

That is so-o-o cool! I love it! Thanks again for sharing the recipes!