He is wonderful because.....

Monday, February 22, 2010

holy experience

This week I am going to be thankful for who God is and not necessarily what He does for me.....

372. He is all-knowing...He sees the big picture that we don't get.
373. He is all-powerful...He is in control when I am not!
374. He is forgiving.
375. He is just...He will not let the wrongs done to me go unpunished and He won't let my sin slide on by.
376. He is loving and deeply caring.
377. He is righteous...there is no evil in Him.
378. I can trust that He has my best interest at heart.
379. He is glorious...beyond our imaginations.
380. He is our Father...our daddy...the One we can go to when we hurt.
381. He is a good listener.
382. He is faithful to us and to who He is.
383. He is truthful...we can always trust what He says.
384. He is forever.
385. He is our Judge.
386. He is patient.
387. He is peace...our peace in a troubled world.
388. He is joy...the happiness in our lives.
389. He is merciful when we mess up.
390. He is full of grace.

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