A Plethora of Praise

Monday, January 18, 2010

holy experience

God is always faithful...here is how He has blessed me recently...
291.  A birthday party for Noah.
292. Loving on me through the support of church members.
293. A youth pastor who is very supportive of the teaching we are doing in the Jr. High class.
294. The ability to have a sense of humor in the weirdness of life!
295. I didn't lose the diamond in my wedding ring.
296. A fixed wedding ring.
297. That God is for me and faithful to me even when His answer to my prayer is a firm "NO".
298. Hot drinks on cold days.
299. An awesome birthday cake decorated by an awesome husband.

300. Wow, making it to 300 blessings!  I am about a third of the way there!
301. An opportunity to love on the Jr. High kids that I teach.
302. That God sees me through the hard times just like he saw Hagar in the desert.
303. That God is healing my torn calf muscle so quickly.  I can almost walk normally now!
304. A new Bible curriculum for the kids.
305. Watching Titan play with him toys...he is so energetic and fun!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Awesome cake! I bet that was one excited boy! Your son, not the husband {wink}.