The God Full of Blessings

Monday, January 25, 2010

holy experience
God pursues us and wishes to bless us...Here is how He has blessed me this past week.

306.  Two new comforters for our bed for free!
307.  The gifts of a friend.
308.  Safety for Tim.
309.  The ability to start walking and exercising again after tearing my calf muscle.
310.  That God is faithful to us even when we are not.

311.  Reading the book, Experiencing God.
312.  God's help in helping me overcome some unforgiveness and bitterness.
313.  Time to relax.
314.  Dinner date with my hubby!
315.  That God is providing for all our needs and then some.
316.  The power of prayer.
317.  God fixing a situation without me even asking!
318.  Walks with Titan even though it is cold!
319.  Receiving a new homeschooling magazine for free!
320.  Getting my first issue of Taste of this magazine!
321.  Using my brand new crockpot a lot!
322.  Getting caught up with a lot of my review work for the TOS Crew before other big projects come in.
323.  Watching Titan open his own kennel with his teeth!  So cute!
324.  A movie to watch, Julie and Julia.

325.  Making bagels for the first time!  They actually were good!
326.  Homeschooling workshops that I went to by Jay Wile.

327.  Looking forward to using some of the Apologia resources next year for science for the kids.
328.  That Titan will be getting to meet another member of his family, an uncle, very soon.  There will be a post on this coming soon.


melissa said...

Where you at the 6:30 workshops??? I was there then. I was glad for the opportunity for such a workshop.
Melissa from North Pole

Lori said...

You can add winning the Yoplait Smoothie coupon and Single Serve Blender. :-D
I just need your mailing address, so I can pass it on to MyBlogSpark. You can email me at HomeschoolReviewsandMore at yahoo dot com.
Congratulations! :-D

Debbie said...

Melissa-I was sitting in the middle section about halfway back. I didn't know that you were there! Bummer, I would have loved to meet you in person!

melissa said...

I was in the front of the middle section, I actually looked around for to see if anyone I "knew" was there besides my friends that I was sitting with. I had a similar situation at the IDEA curriculum fair. I sat at the same breakfast table as one of my friends over at homeschoolblogger and we never knew until after the fair. That was a real bummer since she lives in Haines.
On another subject. I am glad you are posting about Plants Grown Up. I have that and the girl companion book but haven't taken the time to begin. But, as you we are looking at not many years left with our oldest boy.

Debbie said...

I was probably sitting somewhere behind you! I normally go to the IDEA curriculum fair...maybe I will see you there!