Last List of Gratitude in 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

holy experience

Here is my last list of things to be thankful for in 2009...of course, I will be continuing to do this in 2010!  I never thought I would get this far in listing all these things.  When you really sit down and start to make a list you realize that you have so much to be thankful for!

226. That we made it through 2009!
227. New opportunities for growth await us in 2010.
228. My Word of the Year-prayer- looking forward to what God will be teaching me.
229. Joy in the hard times.
230. Grief that brings us closer to God.
231. The power of prayer
232. The prayer journal that I if I can keep it going.
233. Watching fireworks downtown.
234. The sweetness of God...that He loves us beyond measure.
235. Truffles!
236. A break from the kids' activities
237. Watching the faces of my Jr. High students in Sunday School as the grow in deeper relationship with God.
238. Candlelight Christmas Eve service
239. Time with family.
240. That God is watching over a friend that is grieving.
241. Books on prayer so that I can learn more.
242. Time to sit down and pray.
243. Key Lime pie...Yum!
244. That God gave me such an awesome daddy!

245. The Waltons...good, clean family entertainment.
246. My fight with anxiety and depression...there is a good side to it...I am closer to God because of it.
247. Losing a bit of weight even during the Christmas season.
248. Comfort in knowing that when God says "no" it is for our best.
249. Titan cuddling on my lap.
250. Christmas shows (Charlie Brown, Little Dummer Boy, etc.)


Angie in GA said...

Love the list especially this:
"My fight with anxiety and depression...there is a good side to it...I am closer to God because of it." I also fight with Anxiety and I am also closer to the Lord because of it!!! Be Blessed, Angie in GA

Heather of S-A-M said...

Lovely list!

Sharing your thanks for:
Key Lime Pie- My favorite dessert on the planet... and I don't care what time of year it is i'll eat it!
#234- Isn't that the truth! He loves us so much more than our minds can even comprehend. An that truth tickles me pink. It's great to know we are loved without reservation and beyond measure.

Scribbling Thanks,

Jenny said...

He is there, in the depression and the anxiety. You are a lucky soul to know that, so many miss Him in the painful opportunities.