A Bounty of Blessings....

Monday, November 16, 2009

holy experience

There is so much to be thankful for...

104. Being nominated for the Homeschool Blog Awards!

105. Walking with a friend every Tuesday afternoon.
106. Safety on the roads
107. December is coming...I love the holidays!
108. A great husband that takes care of us financially.  He really is smart about those types of things!
109. Getting to go out to lunch with a friend today!!!!!
110. A invitation to do Thanksgiving at a friend's house.  I don't have to cook everything!
111. A new set of meals in the freezer
112. A phone call from a friend with a word of encouragement
113. Courage to teach both the Sr. and Jr. high Sunday School class.  Thanks you, Jesus, for calming my heart!
114. An opportunity to cook with my son
115. Titan's crazy antics that always make me laugh!

116. Awesome Bible stories to read to my kids
117. Friends and family that put up with me!
118. Thanksgiving!
119. Warm blankets in the winter
120. Time to scrapbook with a friend


Linda said...

You are the first blogger living in Alaska that I've met. I'm so happy to meet you. Your list is lovely. There are truly so many things to be thankful for.

deb said...

Aren't dogs just such easy joy!