Fall Trees Artwork

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We had our first art lesson last week.  We do art every Friday with another homeschooling family.  If you want to see what resources we are using, see this post.

For this project we had to find a pretty fall landscape picture in a magazine and then recreate it in chalks.  Here is mine with the original picture.  I am not that great of an artist, but at least I tried!  There are many times I won't even attempt some of the projects because I am so self-conscious of what I produce.

Here is Zach's original picture and his drawing.  He did a fall road scene.

Noah picked a picture of a house with a white picket fence with an American flag on it. In the magazine photo you can't really see the flag, but in his picture it is quite visible.


Christie said...

Great artwork!!

The Unsell Family said...

Beautiful art!

Sugga Mama said...

Great art projects. My kids, 17 and 9, enjoy art also.