When Homeschooling is Hard

Thursday, August 6, 2009

When homeschooling becomes hard (and if you’ve been doing it for more than a month you KNOW that it gets hard sometimes) you need to give thanks. You’re building memories with your children- children who will be grown and gone before you even know it and what you (and your children) will have left are the memories you’ve made together.--Steve Lambert

I love Steve Lambert's blog! Steve is the husband of Jane Claire Lambert, the creator of the Five in a Row homeschool curriculum. Steve has such a heart for homeschoolers and I love his posts about homeschooling. They really make me think. The above quote jumped off the web page today for me. I always look forward to the beginning of school, but soon things become tough. I don't know why this comes as a surprise or that I forget about it every year. How easily I forget the drudgery of May while we are finishing our homeschool year. The one thing that I need to remember is that I should be thankful even when it is hard. I have decided to list out my attitude of gratitude ahead of time this year! That way I can refer back to it when I find myself in a rut, discouraged, or in over my head in our homeschooling day. There is a lot to be thankful for when it comes to homeschooling!
*I don't have to get the kids up and rushed off to school.
*I myself don't have to go to work (I used to be a high school Spanish teacher...that is far more difficult than staying home and teaching my own kids!!!!)
*I can choose what my kids will learn.
*My kids can have a choice too and follow their interests.
*My boys have a close relationship with each other which wouldn't be possible if they were going to school.
*My boys don't have to put up with bullying, peer pressure as much because they are at home.
*I can tailor their lessons to fit their needs, strengths and weaknesses.
*Tim and I can actually have a relationship with the boys because they spend more time at home.
*We are free to teach our Christian values and beliefs to them.
*I get to learn those subjects that I never really understood when I was in school. I have really increased my knowledge of history!
*We have time to focus on some subjects that are sometimes neglected in public school (i.e. history and science).
*And as Steve said, we will create memories that will last a lifetime!


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing this! I used to teach high school, too, and I would MUCH rather be teaching my own children, even if it is hard sometimes! I'm sure I'll need this reminder as we get our year going.

Bleu said...

I'm popping over from the Carnival. These are all wonderful reasons for homeschooling our children. I really need to review this list again in February--we always seem to feel bogged down during that month. :)

devildogwife said...

Thank you for the reminder. I need to write down the reasons why I'm thankful and keep them posted by the computer.

Jennifer said...

This is a great list, and one I plan to come back to on "those days".

Marbel said...