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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yesterday I posted about BrainBoxes. I had someone from the Five in a Row Boards ask to see some examples of the cards. I was able to get the Animal and World versions. Here are some pictures of them. You will notice on one side (the picture side) there is the information you get to study for 10 seconds. The other side will have the possible questions you might be asked. I took some random pictures of the the backs and fronts won't necessarily match up.
Here are the World cards. Some of the information on the cards:
*What countries and bodies of water it borders.
*Animals of the country
*Famous places
*Activities in that country
*The Flag
Here are the Animal cards. Some of the information on the cards:
*Location of habitat in the world
*If the animal is solitary or not
*If the animal is nocturnal (a moon is shown if the animal is nocturnal)
*If the animal is endangered
*Life span
*Carnivore, Herbivore, or OmnivoreI apologize for the quality of the photos! I have never been good at taking close-ups!

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