End of the Year Reflection: Biggest Triumphs and Biggest Challenges

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Heart of the Matter Meme this week is an end of the year reflection about our homeschooling...here are our biggest triumphs and biggest challenges:
Our Biggest Triumphs
*Noah learning to read really well.
*Zach completing a series of stories about different family members (we loosely based this on the Write Your Roots curriculum) that we will have copied and bound to give to family members.
*Debbie surviving the year with working part time and homeschooling (bulk cooking with a friend has helped greatly in this area!!)
*For all of us...learning how to work together and get along when life gets stressful. We have made a lot of strides in this area.
Our Biggest Challenges
*Time Management (this goes for the mom as well as the boys!)
*For me, keeping the right perspective...learning that it isn't as important to check off everything on your to-do list as it is to have a love of learning.
*Also for me, having patience (which is also my word for the year)
*For Noah, learning how to be positive in his work.
*For Zach, learning how to push through and get the hard, not-so-fun stuff done.
While it was a good year overall, there are many things that I would want to change. One of them in particular for me is to slow down and not get so uptight when everything doesn't get done. This will probably be a life long struggle for me!
So how did your year go? What were your biggest triumphs and challenges???? I would love to read your comments on how things went.

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