Thursday, January 8, 2009

The boys are writing to their new penpals today. They are writing to other homeschool boys their age. I thought this would be a good activity for them to get to know someone from another part of the country. However, I am realizing that there are some other benefits to having a penpal. First of all, their handwriting has improved by 200%! Now that they know someone else besides a family member will be reading what they write they have all of a sudden become extremely neat! Also, they are learning (for Noah) and reviewing (for Zach) about how to address items that go in the mail. We talked about zip codes, state abbreviations, and street abbreviations. We decided that for our first correspondence they would write a postcard to their new pals.


Edwena said...

I'm so happy for your boys, Debbie.

Jennifer said...

That's really cool that they have penpals Debbie!