SOAP and the Bible

Monday, September 19, 2016

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It's a simple system of Bible study that has been around for awhile. I like to add it to my repertoire of different ways to focus on a few verses at a time.  S.O.A.P. stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. Four ways to journal about the verses you are focusing on for the day.

Scripture-In this section you simply write out the verses you are focusing on. Hand copying God's Word really helps you to focus on what the words are saying. To read more about the benefits of copying down Scripture, click here.

Observation-You then move on to writing down details about what you notice in the verses. Are there words you don't understand the meaning to? (Maybe you need to look them up.) Can you make some connections between the details? (For example, I have been noticing the connection between humility and wisdom in some of the verses I have been studying.) Is there something you missed when you have read these verses before?

Application-This is where you write about how these verses could apply to your life. What truth is there in them you could use? Can you apply them to a situation you are currently going through? How is God speaking to you?

Prayer- Finally, take a moment to write a prayer based on the verses to God. Maybe you need to praise Him for what He has done. Or it could be that you need to ask Him to help you apply what you have just learned. (REMEMBER: The Bible is like does you no good unless you apply it.)

While the SOAP idea is simple, the act of taking the time to journal about the verses helps you go deeper with His Word.  Taking the time to slow down and not only read, but also write about what you have read will give you more understanding.

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