One Word to Change Your Year

Sunday, December 13, 2015

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Sometimes a good thing is a small thing. No long list of to-do's. No grandiose plans. Just one small word. A group of letters strung together to change your year. It's what I have been doing for nine years now.

Where does this idea come from? Years ago, I read My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word. Basically, this book will describe what a "Word of the Year" is, how to pick one, and how to focus on it throughout the year. If you are interested in picking a word for the New Year, I would highly recommend this book. There are also two websites to help you pick a word...My One Word and One Word 365.

One of the hard parts of picking a word is coming up with ideas, so I decided I would list what I have done in the past and give you a few more ideas. Here is a rundown of what I have done each year:

2009 Patience
2010 Prayer
2011 Grace
2012 Abide
2013 Redeemed
2014 Count 
2015 Hope
2016  Fearless
2017 Rest

Here are some more ideas...

And a few more...

Pick a word and start your year knowing you only have to focus on one thing! It has been such a learning experience each year, and I have grown through the whole process of selecting one word and following it through.

If you would like to see my journey for two of those years, check out my Verses of Hope {2015 is my year of HOPE} and my posts on 2014's word, COUNT.

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