Encouragement for a New School Year

Friday, August 7, 2015

This year will start our 14th year of homeschooling. I am shocked to even type the number 14. How did we get here? There are big changes...my oldest has graduated, and I am left to homeschool only one. It's how I started out homeschooling...only teaching one until the youngest was old enough. It's a strange feeling mixed with happy and sad emotions. Yet, even with the changes some things never change. I still need the motivation and the encouragement to get through the year. I need to know I am not alone. I need a few new tips and tricks to incorporate into our daily learning lives. So here is a look a some great posts that  encouraged me and hopefully you, too.

Marcy over at Ben and Me share something in common...we both have boys the same age. Hers in an only child. Mine is the youngest. I love her heart and her commitment to encouraging homeschool moms. If you have never checked out her site you are missing out!! Here is a post about what you need to know if you are thinking of homeschooling. Honestly though this one gave me helpful reminders even though we have been homeschooling over a decade.

This past July Marcy did a series on delight-directed learning. There are 31 posts with all the information you need to spark a love of learning in your kids!

Candace over at His Mercy is New could probably be my twin. No, we don't look alike, but we have similar hearts and struggles. Being a homeschool mom is not for the faint of heart. It takes sacrifice. It can be particularly hard if you struggle with depression like Candace and I do.

Here is Candace's post about how homeschooling is not "all about me" and how the very act of teaching our kids day in and day out has the potential to make us more like Jesus.

Being with kids all day long and struggling with depression...I have lived that life. I know how hard it can be. There are days when every moment is a struggle. Candace has a five-day series on her blog about homeschooling and depression. She also has a complete page with resources if you are struggling. You can find it here.

Homeschooling can be a lonely business. Since we homeschooled from the beginning I have found that the later years were more lonely for me. When the kids were young there were co-ops to attend, play dates, and fun activities at the library. All those ways to connect have gone by the wayside as the boys have gotten older.  I love Wendy's post on lonely homeschool moms. She also gives some tips for combating the loneliness. Wendy also has two other posts you will want to check out...5 Things dad should do for his homeschool children and 5 things mom should do.

Another awesome site for all things homeschooling is Homeschool Encouragement. Since I lean towards perfectionism this post on how it can damage your homeschool was extremely helpful. And here is another post from Amy, the author of Homeschool Encouragement about being organized when you are not.

And how about a couple of posts from me?
Five Homeschool Lessons for Moms - Sometimes the lessons we learn when we homeschool surprise us.

Five Ways to Improve Your Teaching - Especially if you are entering the high school years.

Have you read any awesome posts or articles that have encouraged you in your homeschool journey? I would love to hear about them! Maybe share a link?

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