Bible in 90 Days {Starting soon!}

Friday, April 10, 2015

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About five years ago I did something I had never done before...I read the Bible {cover to cover} in under 90 days. At first I thought there was no way I could even do it. Way too much ready, and I was sure that Leviticus would be the end of me! However, a "rapid read" through the Bible is far easier than the Bible in a year. I KNOW that sounds crazy, but it is so true. You get through the hard reads {think Leviticus} faster and you don't lose your focus like you can with reading in a year. Also, one of the big benefits is that you get to see a wonderful overview of God's Word and how it all fits together on the surface. It's a view of epic proportions. 

When Amy from Mom's Toolbox sent out an e-mail this week asking for mentors I knew the timing would be right for me to not only mentor, but to read along with those that I would be mentoring. I absolutely love being able to encourage others to get into God's Word!

So are you game? Want to take the challenge? Hop on over to this page and sign up! And then get ready for April 27th. What do you need to get ready? Just a Bible in whatever version you like. Amy will provide the reading schedule. However, there is a The NIV Bible in 90 Days that you can purchase that already splits up the readings within the Bible. It is the one I have used for two of the times I have done B90 {I used a chronological version the last time I read through in 90 days}. So as you can see you can get the B90 Bible or not. Either way works. 

So pray about it. If you feel led please go sign up! It's a life-changing experience!

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