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Sunday, January 4, 2015

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My friend, Candace, over at His Mercy is New, has been talking about her journaling Bible that she uses as she prays the Scriptures. So on her recommendation I got myself set up with a new Bible and the supplies to journal. I bought ESV Single Column Journaling Bible to get started. The Bible you see in the photos isn't actually for me.  I am picking out verses and writing thoughts and messages about those verses to someone as a gift.  It will take me a few months before it is ready. Using a Bible this way would be a great way to give a gift to someone that is getting married, graduating, or even for a new parent.  My goal is to eventually get my own Bible to keep and write in, but for now I will be content with working on this gift Bible.

I was a little skeptical about writing in a Bible and not having the pens and highlighters bleed through, but Candace recommended some great pens{there are also packs of pens of different colors} and I found pencil highlighters which I love! The highlighters produce great color and don't make a mess. There is absolutely no bleeding through the pages!

While my journaling Bible will be a bit more mundane (I have a feeling I won't be extravagantly decorating the margins) there are examples around the web of amazing Bibles that have notes with artistic flair. It may not be for everyone {I can see why some would be wary of "decorating" their Bibles}, but they are truly beautiful. Also, for some I think the decorating of a page and writing down thoughts is one way to connect with the Scripture. So here is a look at five blog posts that I thought useful for getting ideas on how to use a journaling Bible.

Here's Candace's post about the journaling Bible.

Examples and goals for a journaling Bible.

How Shanna Noel uses her journaling Bible

Using a journaling Bible to share your faith with your kids

Come back on Friday when I will be reviewing this awesome book about writing in your Bible!
Writing in the Margins: Connecting with God on the Pages of Your Bible

So do you write in your Bible?

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Melissa said...

I have been looking for a single column Bible in which to journal. Thank you for sharing these links.