When We are Blind to the Good He Brings...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Your glory is visible
and evident.
Yet, again and again
I fail to see 
Your beauty.
So I seek Your
one more time.
Please place Your
powerful hands
on my broken eyes
and give me sight again.

Sometimes we need to regain the ability to see all the beauty that is God. Counting His gifts helps us realize that He really does give beauty, grace, and blessings to our lives. Here is my gift list from God for the week...


-Funny cards from friends
-Running jokes
-New Spanish children's books

-The blessing of getting to do what I love...teach.
-A great first week of Spanish lessons
-Watching my students grow and mature
-Humor during the lessons
-A GREAT set of students this year!!
-Four days of rest
-Fall around the corner
-Learning more from the Psalms. {Loving this!}
-Getting a lot of paperwork done
-Texts from a friend

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