Monday, September 15, 2014

Gratitude can be a challenge. There are days and weeks when life is hard, busy, or out of control, but those are the times I need gratitude more than ever. No matter the circumstances what can you give thanks for? There is always something, and if we look hard enough we will find that there is an abundance of "somethings" to praise Him for.


-One brother willing to defend another
-Late night drives
-Watching a sunset while chatting with a friend
-Learning to trust a God that never fails
-The acceptance of an imperfect life
-Taking pictures
-Getting through a teaching week being under the weather

-Printing off "flag maps" to decorate my door that my Spanish students use
-A long drive
-One of my students' families giving us ten pounds of hamburger
-Great humor from a student as I teach them rhyming words
-Early morning coffee
-Writing out a psalm and praying through it
-A puppy in mischief

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