A Thankful Heart

Monday, August 4, 2014

We all feel unloved at times, but gratitude can change that. Look around. How has God loved on you this week?  Here is my gratitude list for the week.


-Bible study with a new method.  Gleaning so much.

-Hot coffee on cold rainy mornings
-The end of camp for my son
-Massive tomatoes on the vine
-Cards of encouragement

-Watching movies with my younger son
-Garage sales
-Our family stepping up to help our neighbors
-The blessing of more students this year
-Lunch with friends on a Sunday afternoon
-Bread baking in the oven

What are you thankful for?


Jennifer Beckham said...

Would you mind sharing about your Bible Study with a new method? Very curious.

Jennifer Beckham said...

Could you share with me about your new Bible Study methods that you are gleaning so much from? Would be very interested.


Debbie P said...

Jennifer- I will be posting on my blog soon about "Women of the Word" by Jen Wilkin. It is the the method that I am trying out now. I don't follow it to the "T", but I have found it to be very helpful in gaining new insight to understanding longer passages. I will be posting about in on August 13th.