On the Road to Gratitude

Monday, July 21, 2014

No one escapes unscathed. We all walk broken roads. Smooth paths are not always offered as we travel. The broken pieces become blessed pieces in our eyes if we will just give thanks no matter the traveling conditions. Gratitude takes the rough road and smooths our souls so that we can keep pressing on.

So I continue to give gratitude to my Travel Guide for all that He does in my life.


-Road trips
-Moose sightings
-Pizza places
-Working on school schedules for the boys

-Baked goods in the freezer
-Sharing what I bake
-Writing cards of encouragement
-Summer breezes
-Sharing from my garden
-Friends that help out
-Scheduling Spanish for the year and having some of it fall into place
-A good night of sleep after insomnia
-Reading Mark Twain
-Puppy snuggles in the morning

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HisFireFly said...

love this
the being thankful in all ways