All Things Great and Small

Monday, July 14, 2014

No thing is too small to give thanks for. To only give thanks for the big events in our life that went our way limits our view of God. Look closely so as not to miss those little things He does.


-The small things like a butterfly landing on an iris
-The big things like a mama moose and her baby

-Beauty on a picnic bench

-A missed opportunity that turned into a blessing
-A God that knows exactly what we need at the right time

-A new Bible study speaking to my heart
-Friends that help out
-Tomato plants gone wild
-Dutch oven pizza
-Invites to breakfast {even if it ended up I couldn't make it}
-Time with friends on the deck
-Neon blue dragonflies
-Fish hopping out of the pond
-A salad with homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers
-A friend loaning me her curriculum
-Visiting with my best friend's mom and daughter

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