Overwhelmed by Perry Noble

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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I had the privilege last April at a conference in Atlanta to hear Perry Noble speak. He is the pastor of one one of the fastest growing churches in the US, NewSpring Church.  I loved listening to him speak so when he was looking for people to pre-read his book and talk about it online I jumped at the chance.

Anxiety and depression are the topics of Overwhelmed: Winning the War against Worry, which is another reason why I was motivated to join the launch team for this book.  I have struggled with both off and on my whole life.  Perry's book is different than other books on anxiety and depression which can be dark and hard to read (at least that is what I have found).  He is upbeat and high-energy which is what you come to expect if you have ever listened to him talk or preach.

Perry touches on subject like...

-What we should focus on
-How the church makes depression/anxiety worse
-Letting go of control
-The sticky notes of God (a reminder of what is really important)
-Dealing with our past

He uses the lives of Daniel and his friends and John the disciple to bring out important points on dealing with being overwhelmed. To give you a taste of his writing, here are a few quotes:

Correct thinking leads to correct actions.

He is a grave-robbing, water-walking, miracle-working, death-defying God, and He's able to pull you through anything you have to face in life.

He knows what human brokenness feels like...Jesus was betrayed by someone close to Him--someone in His inner circle.  I imagine this betrayal cut him deeper than any whip ever could.

To blame is to "b-lame!"

Will we focus on the size of our problem or the size of our God?

When we see Jesus clearly, we will follow Him closely.

 If you are feeling overwhelmed, I would highly recommend Perry's book...you will be inspired and come away with some coping mechanisms to deal with life when everything is pressing in.

Overwhelmed will be available April 1st.

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