A Million Little Ways

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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Most of us wouldn't think of ourselves as artists. I know I didn't. My highest form of art would be the stick figures that I use in my Spanish lessons in which my students take great delight in making fun of. And rightly so! My kindergarten-like results are humorous to look at. Hey, at least they bring joy! Right?

Reading Emily Freeman's new book, Million Little Ways, A: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live, has opened my eyes to the artist that I am. In fact, we are all artists. We are art...God's workmanship. He has made us His workmanship so that we can do good works. So that we can touch the lives of others. Maybe you are like me...living in the land where stick figures reign, but that doesn't mean that we don't have something to contribute to the world around us. For me, it is teaching and writing. The first activity I have never really categorized as art. The second I never saw in myself until two women in my life pointed out a gift I never saw in myself...to make connections using words. {And if you two women are reading this I need to say thank you for the encouragement!}. For you it could be a myriad of activities: baking, hospitality, construction, listening to others, etc. the possibilities are endless. Because as Emily puts forth in her book... "We make art with our lives."  If Christ is in us He can come out of us in "a million little ways", and that is when you end up with art. 

I would highly recommend A Million Little Ways! It will change you perspective on what art is and how we create it. Also, Emily's words are art in and of themselves. So I will leave you with her words...

So the Poet himself stepped out of heaven and into the poem,onto the dusty trails of the earth into the desperate ruts of our souls. He steps out of heaven into us, his poiema, his workmanship.

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