To Make it Through a Week

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Every once in awhile a week gets hard. The only remedy is gratitude.  When we realize our gifts we can overcome our heartaches. So I continue to count...


-God is teaching me so much through His Word right now.  I have landed in Exodus and Deuteronomy and have been soaking up lessons on wilderness wandering (will post more in November).

-Weekend peace

-Chasing the moon and losing it from sight because I was too close to the hills that hid it.  Realizing that Christ is like that...We may seem to lose sight of Him because of the mountains in our lives, but He is always there.

-A phone call from my dad

-A text from a friend

-A walk with the puppy

-Another week of lessons

-Understanding from my sons

-The wisdom of a 16 year old

-The care of a husband

-Cranberry body butter from The Body Shop

-The beautiful skies this fall

-Humor from teen boys as I teach them literature

-Reading Macbeth with Zach

-Working on Spanish with Noah

-That God is good and I am always loved regardless of the treatment of others

-An invite to a baby shower

-Earbuds to listen to podcasts on my phone

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