Christmas in the Freezer

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Christmas can be a crazy time of year!  Honestly, I wish it wasn't.  I really wish it was more focused on the true meaning of the holiday, the coming of Christ, but there are so many things that filled up the calendar in December.

One way to get ready for the craziness is to use the freezer!  Here are some ideas:

Make cookies ahead of time.  You can make cookies in November, package them well and freeze for the season.

Freeze cookie dough.  Most cookie doughs can be mix together and then frozen.  You can either freeze the dough in small balls so that they can be places on cookies sheets when you want to bake them or you can freeze the dough in log form, wrap well (I normally do wax paper and then foil over that.), and then slightly defrost and slice to bake them.

See my Thanksgiving post.  This post has ideas on how parts of a holiday meal can be pre-made and frozen.

Make sure you have enough week night meals for the month of December.  One of the easiest ways to stay on top of it all is to make sure you are ready for just regular meals during the holidays.  Cook up extra taco meat, make some meatloaves, stir together a few extra soups to make things run smoother.  Throw them all in the freezer for when there is no time to cook.

In November I will be stocking my freezer again to get ready.  What will you be doing to make Christmas less crazy?

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