31 Days of Freezer Meals

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So do you hate the drudgery of trying to figure out what to cook each night?  Hate the pile of dishes that each meal you make creates? Do you want to save money on food?  Freezer cooking is a way to get all of the above accomplished.  By having meals ready to go you really don't have to think each afternoon about what to pull together by 6 o'clock.  By making several meals at once there is only one clean up session.  And buying food in bulk can cut down on costs.

I have been doing freezer meals for about five years now.  I can't wait to share what works (for us) and what hasn't.  I hope that this series will be a blessing to you and a motivation to have dinner waiting in the freezer.

Please check out this post that will have links to all the posts for the month!

Tomorrow we will get started with how I started freezer cooking and how it has changed along the way for me.  See you then!


Kristen said...

Yay! I'm writing about freezer cooking this month, too! I look forward to reading your take on what works for you, and gleaning ideas as we both cook through the month.

Debbie P said...

That is awesome! I will have to check out your posts!

Paula said...

I have been interested in freezer cooking for sometime now. I will be following your 31 Days

Debbie P said...

Thanks, Paula!!