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Monday, August 12, 2013

I never thought that gratitude would change my life.  When I started my list on October 5, 2009, I had no idea that it would last this long.  Or that it would be this long!  But I can't live now without thanking God for all that He has brought into my life.  I now see that those circumstances that He allows that bring grief and turmoil can be seen through thankful eyes.  There is nothing that He allows that He doesn't redeem.  Therefore, I need to thank Him.  So I continue the list...


-Seeing pictures of Zach from camp
-T.O.C. sandwiches (Grilled Tomato, Onion and Cheese)
-A schedule working out to perfection
-Spending time with my oldest
-A conversation in a grocery store that brings my hope
-Leaning into Christ
-Realizing once again that He works all things for good...
-The "ugly-beautiful"
-Hard mornings when I need His love

-Getting all the boys curriculum ordered
-Fans for all the 80 degree weather we are having
-Dump recipes that make life easy
-A full schedule
-Blessings so abundant that I don't know what to do with them
-The joy of helping a neighbor
-Dinner provided by a neighbor
-Lunch out
-A clean carpet
-Boys to help with chores
-Learning how to "one another" one another
-Cool night breezes
-A welcomed rain shower
-Finding cash in the wash!
-A son to help me fix my vacuum

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