Gratitude is the Antidote...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Gratitude is the antidote for despair and festering unhappiness.


-The ability and chance to train the staff of a local summer camp on the curriculum that they will be teaching

-Relying on God completely
-Praise music
-Friends that can fill in the gap when I can't be there for my kids
-II Chronicles 20:12 {Love that verse!}
-Zucchini blossoms

-Pollen (means "life" even though it makes me sneeze)
-Learning from the life of Gideon
-Great Spanish lesson with a little girl
-The way God heals
-Rainy days
-Time to get my classwork done
-Gideon in the greenhouse (Love doing my Bible study here!)

-At least three eggs in the nest in our backyard

-No, I take that back.  There are FIVE eggs.

-Freezer meals done
-A friend dropping off a book
-Rain holding off until the game was done


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