Easy-to-Make Photo Holder

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

 This is a re-post from a few years ago.  I need to make a few more of these as I have given most of them away.  Such a fun and simple project...

Want a frugal and simple gift to make?  How about a photo/recipe card holder? These are super easy to make and cost under two dollars.

You will need matching ribbons and scrapbook paper that coordinates with the ribbon.  A matching brad is nice, but not necessary.  You will also need UHU glue. I found mine at Michaels. And finally, the most important part...you will need a large or jumbo binder clip.  I bought a box of 12 for $6 at Office Max.

Cut a piece of scrapbook paper so that it can go around the outside of the binder clip (the black part).  I just measured the paper around it and marked off where I should cut.  I used a paper cutter to get a straight edge.

Next use the UHU glue to glue the paper to the clip.
Using a long piece of ribbon, wrap the ribbon up one side of the clip.  I start at the top and leave a little of one end loose (enough to tie a bow with) and then use the longer end to wrap the one side of the clip. This means you have to wrap the ribbon down the clip and then come back up with it so that it meets the other loose end.  Then you tie the loose ends into a bow.  Trim the ends so they aren't too long.
I then take shorter pieces of ribbon of various coordinating colors and knot them on the other side. At the top of that pile of ribbon, you can take a brad and slip its back end in between the prongs of the clip. Then bend the brads ends so that it is secure.  It is probably hard to see in this picture.  You could also get jewelry wire and beads to decorate your clip. Just twist the wire about the prong and do "curls" with the wire (by curling it round a pencil).  Attach small beads to each end of the wire.

 You can then use your decorated binder clip to hold a recipe card or a picture!

Happy Crafting!

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