The Stench of Glory

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Physician is called to the side of a dying man. Yet, He waits to respond. What doctor won't come to the aid of a patient?  What physician stays put right where he is at, not willing to lift a finger?  Surely not a good one.

The patient dies.  The Physician with a change of heart runs to comfort the family. He weeps. What doctor mourns over the patient he wouldn't see?  Why spill tears?  Is it guilt he feels? Hardly.

Then the strangest of all.  The Doctor finally becomes the Healer.  The Physician transforms into the Miracle Worker.  The family protests.  For by now, it has been too long.  But the Physician doesn't care. The patient long gone comes back.  The stench of death morphed into glory. He wows the family and friends by bringing life back from the dead.
{Based on John 11:1-45  The Resurrection of Lazarus

Jesus waits.
Jesus weeps.
Jesus wows.

"Lord, by this time he stinketh" {John 11:39 KJV} Jesus waits just long enough for the stench to rise. Isn't that the way of God?  To tarry in His response.  To not resolve the matter at hand.  To wait.  Life stinks because death intrudes.  We fall apart.  We reek from the pain that festers in the heart.  We try to seal it up. Cover up the odor that hovers 'round us.  Get rid of it.  Yet, it is the very stench of life that God uses.  That which stinks can be transformed.  We weep over it and while we weren't looking so does Jesus.  To weep with us...the greatest show of compassion.  But it is not good enough for Him to leave us in the stench.  He waits long enough for the stench to rise so that His glory can surprise us. To wow us with His wonders.  To show Himself worthy of our trust, our praise, our respect. Sometimes it is only through the stench of life that we really see His glory!


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