Word of the Year 2012...onto 2013

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Each year for the past four years I have not done New Year's resolutions.  Rather, I have chosen a Word of the Year to focus on.  It's so much easier working with one idea than several promises to myself to try to keep.  This past year was probably my worst year on keeping focused on my Word, Abide.  I started out well, but quickly lost momentum. It is interesting that I was a flop this past year because the year before was a year of...

Grace was my Word of the year in 2011 and it was the best year!  Not that the year was the greatest I have ever lived, but when it came to my Word it really was the focus for the whole year.  I learned so much about grace. Grace for others. Grace for myself.  While it was a tough year emotionally it was one of growth in becoming a person who is more gracious to others. It was a season of learning to forgive and let go.

Before grace there was Prayer (2010) and Patience (2009).  I haven't chosen a Word for 2013 yet.  But I am beginning to come up with ideas to choose from...

Do you do a Word of the Year?

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