Memorizing Scripture {Siesta Scripture Memory Team}

Monday, December 17, 2012

Several years back I started memorizing Scripture.  I even attempted to memorize the entire book of James!  I did eventually get it done (it took about a year to accomplish), but it was extremely difficult and the verses were all jumbled in my brain by the end of it.  I was so burned out from it that I stopped memorizing all together.  Well, I am wanting to get back into it!  So when I saw on Beth Moore's blog that she is doing the Siesta (Sister) Scripture Memory Team again, I thought this would be the time to start back up.  It is a commitment of only two verses a month.  So much more doable.

I have to say that I am inspired by my husband whose memory is incredible.  He has been on a quest to memorize a ton of verses and does really well with it.  He is able to retain so much more than I can.  I am hoping to just stick to the commitment of two verses per month.  That will be a worthy goal for me!

If you are interested check out Beth's blog with the above link to learn more about this challenge.

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