2013 Word of the Year {Redeemed}

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"What has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance." Philippians 1:19

A single word...one to focus on for 365 days.  For four years I have picked a Word of the Year to hone in on in life.  In 2009 it was Patience. Prayer was the focus in 2010.  My best year (meaning the one word I learned the most about) happened in 2011...Grace2012 was a very unfocused year when it came to my word, Abide.  My prayer is that 2013 turns out to be a better year...a year of redemption...of seeing how God redeems all things...of praising Him for redeeming me.

A few months ago I was teaching a series in our youth Sunday School class called "If Only".  It was a series on regret.  Regrets about what we did, what others have done, and missed opportunities.  The final lesson touched on how God not only redeems us from our sin, but He can redeem ANYTHING that comes into our lives.  He can take the brokenness and turn it into something beautiful.

So this coming year, I am going to be refocusing...on how God redeems us.  How He redeems all situations.  How He brings about His glory in the midst of the less-than-glorious situations of our lives.

Do you pick a Word of the Year?  What is yours this year?  

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