Remembering Grandma...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

{Grandma in 1921}

She would have been 92 today. She has been gone for eleven years.  I miss her still. Her smile.  Her joy.  Her grace towards others. I still miss my Grandma Jessie...

{Grandma at age ten}

I miss her life lessons.  The ones in which she showed us how to overcome adversity.  How to live with her case the lack of parents. (Her mother dead at an early age.  Her father rejecting her. She being raised by other family members.)  How to come out of it the other side a victor instead of a victim.  How to survive and to accomplish it with finesse.

{Grandma with her brother, the day after her mother's funeral}

I miss her the time I caught her sitting on the washing machine trying to hold it down and keep it from "walking" across the floor.  Her mere tiny frame wasn't sufficient to control that mechanical beast.

{Grandma at Wall Drug in 1941}

 I count myself blessed to have had such a role model in my life.  A woman of strength.  A woman of grace. It is my hope to follow in her footsteps.

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Joyful Reader said...

Oh! what a sweet post! I still have my grandmother who is 88 this month. She lives with me. Some days she drives me crazy. I should only stop to remember these kind of things about her. Thanks for sharing!