Gifts for the Start of Summer

Monday, May 14, 2012


-Warm Saturday afternoons
-Watching Prince Caspian
-Seat belts
-Work for my oldest
-Afternoon naps
-The start of summer for me (now that Spanish lessons are over)
-Almost finishing memorizing James
-A search for new verses to memorize
-Titan recovering from being sick
-Free mochas from a local coffee stand
-Discussing To Kill a Mockingbird with my son
-Homemade salsa
-A pleasant teen in the house
-The end of a semester
-A windy day
-Old, comfy T-shirts
-Planning meetings
-Strawberry plants
-Finding deals
-Visiting neighbors
-The jingle of Titan's collar letting us know he is near by
-Getting some projects done
-Making garden markers with the help of one of my sons

-Making smoothie packets
-Finding soccer shoes for one of the boys
-Brooms and dustpans
-Glasses to be able to see

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