The True Vine

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have been reading True Vine: Meditations on a Month of John 15:1-16 by Andrew Murray. The main point of these short devotionals is "Abiding in Christ".  How do we abide? What does it look like? I am learning that abiding means complete focus and dependence on Christ. When we completely abide in Him then the peace comes. The fruit in our lives is abundant. We are in complete fellowship with Him.

I have had the opportunity to learn how to abide in the past month through a set of difficult circumstances. These circumstances (without giving up too much detail) have been years in the making. I have chosen this time around to rest in Him and not worry about the outcome.  I have chosen to let Him defend. He has done so.  I have chosen to stay focused on what He can do, and in doing so, I can see Him in every twist and curve of these crazy journey I am on. Abiding in Him makes all the difference!

"Let Christ be first. Let Christ be all. Do no be occupied with the abiding--be occupied with Christ! He will hold you, He will keep you abiding in Him. He will abide in you." -Andrew Murray

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