February Gifts

Monday, February 6, 2012


-Making it to chapter four in my memorizing of James
-A safe trip to Anchorage and back
-Getting to meet the kids that Tim worked with on the movie, Big Miracle

-Laughter with my Spanish students
-New curriculum showing up at our door
-Leaning into God during the fear
-Getting to go to Olive Garden in Anchorage
-Getting a free night's stay at the hotel
-Fresh pineapple
-Seeing a bald eagle perched in the tree
-Giving thanks when you DON'T have what you want
-A phone conversation with my dad
-Time to work on my scrapbooks
-The hope of warmer weather

1 comment:

April said...

congrats on your memorization! when I was a teenager I was in bible quizzing (it was super competitive and fun) and I remember memorizing the first half of John...what a good memory...I want to try memorizing again!