Project Life

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Mom Creative
So I still don't have my pages for Project Life...I have ordered design "B" and am waiting on those to arrive.  I also can't wait until they get some of the other designs in which should be sometime in early February.
But I didn't let that stop me!  I have been working on a few layouts and will just slip in all the elements when the pages arrive.

This is going to be the title page in our family album.  I am currently working on pages for 2009.  I have added a few pictures of highlights of that year: pictures of the boys' on their birthdays and a picture of our newest family member that was born in 2009, our mini schnauzer, Titan. I have also listed some of the other highlights.

Can't wait to continue on!  Now if only the mail would come!



camilla said...

So glad that someone else is going back and doing previous years too! I'm working on 2011 and 2012 simultaneously. Loving it. Good for you for not allowing yourself to get hung up and not start just because the pages haven't arrived yet.

Karen Moore said...

My page protectors just arrived yesterday so I understand how you feel. I did my first 2 weeks on 12 x 12 paper but am SO happy I don't have to do that anymore. Please keep sharing about doing past years because I am going to do my granddaughter's first year (2011) and I need all the encourgement I can find!

Julie said...

Good job! I'm sure you will be thrilled when your page protectors arrive. I am also going back and doing past years PL style. Last year I did a good job of taking pictures almost every day, just not putting them into an album.

Have a great week!

April said...

yea! I think that knowing the dimensions of the page protectors it is great to make the pages up even before you get looks great! I hope that you are enjoying it...