Word Art- A Tutorial

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yesterday I mentioned that I have chosen my Word of the Year for 2012...ABIDE.  I decided I would put some word art up in my house to remind me of my word throughout the year.

It is surprisingly easy to do these big letters!  I think it took me under an hour to finish them.

You will need:

Scrapbooking paper (coordinating paper is a great idea!)

Wooden letters (mine were already painted white...however, you could paint yours any color to match your paper)

Also needed: a sponge brush, Mod Podge, and a tool to distress the edges (like an Emery board or sandpaper).

First, pick out your paper.  Turn the letters on the reverse side and trace them on the backside of the paper.

Here's the letter "A" with its paper already cut out.

The other letters...ready to go...

Then paint Mod Podge on the front of the letter.  Place the paper on top.  It is ok if some of the edges hang over a bit as you are going to distress the edges. Let dry a bit.

Then pain Mod Podge over the top of the paper to seal them.  The paper will bubble a bit, but will smooth out as it dries.

Finally, using an Emery board, sand paper, or a distressing tool rub the edges of the paper to give them a rough-edged look.

And you are done! The end result!