Thankful People

Monday, November 14, 2011


*Thanksgiving plans
*Learning a new job
*Finishing off my bulk cooking for the month
*Beth Stone Studios- I just order her most recent hymn collage, "Amazing Grace". I so love these works of art!!!

*Hot tea
*New area rugs
*Flatbread pizzas
*Lunch at Bruegger's
*History...I love the stories.
*That Jesus is filled with grace and truth.  How I want to be like Him!
*A brand new Sunday School classroom to teach in! Ok, not exactly, but it has been repainted and decorated! Looks so awesome!
*Learning boundaries with others



Beth Stone said...

I'm honored my collage made your list today... :o) I'm thankful for you too! God bless...

Debbie said...

Thanks, Beth! I have so enjoyed your art!!!!!