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Friday, May 6, 2011

My youngest will be starting fractions in the fall. Right now I am in the process of collecting games and ideas to use with him through the summer to help him grasp some of the concepts behind fractions.

We have been die hard Math-u-See users from the beginning.  I love their program!  However, I did purchase several years back the box of games from RigthStart Math. I used them with my oldest off and on, and now Noah is finishing up with them.  I love how these games teach the concepts of fractions without ever opening a workbook!  If you are interested in seeing how they teach, take a look at this handoutHere are all their fraction products.

There are several Muggins! Math games that I am planning on buying soon to play with Noah this summer. Down and Around, Pirates 'n' Plunder, and Sink the Ship are all games put out by Muggins! math.

Here are some cool ideas with fractions that incorporate art...

Fraction Penguins
Ed Emberley's Picture Pie: A Circle Drawing Book
More Animals with Fractions

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Kayla said...

We start fractions in the next month with MUS for my older... Great post about whats going on with your learning!