Peace in the Midst of Fear

Monday, January 24, 2011

I have struggled with anxiety off and on for years now.  I am finding that gratitude builds my faith and takes my focus off of my worries. Here is another effort to fight the fear.


*Cabin night at our church (two kids were saved!)

*The noise of our heating system especially on a cold day

*That God is a God of compassion

*That His grace is enough for each manna from heaven

*That when we are weak, He is strong


*Working to getting the boys' curriculum together for next year

*God's provision that goes above and beyond

*How God tugs on a heart

*God's protection over Tim

*Having friends that understand my struggles.

*Boys willing to help clean the house

*Being organized (doesn't always happen, but I love it when it does!)

*Movie nights

*Watching old TV shows

*The ability to relearn algebra enough to explain it to Zach

*Places of service for the boys

*Notebooks that help me stay organized

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