Thousands of Gifts

Monday, November 15, 2010

holy experience

He is gracious beyond imagination! Please visit Holy will be blessed!


Cinnamon chips at the store! Going to do some baking...

Getting through a very busy week.

Having an opportunity each day to put a "thank you" on the Thanksgiving tree.

Weekends of rest

A clean house for company that is coming



Bible memorization

The sound of the shower going in the morning

Friends to share the joys and heartaches with

Great literature

Life lessons that God is teaching me


Rachel said...

Love this list of gifts!!!

Thank you for sharing. :)


musicalmary said...

a clean house? What's that!?!? I like your list, too.... you are pretty far along with it, too!

Beth said...

Found you at Ann's and I too am thankful for Bible Memorization. At times when you need a word from the Lord He clearly speaks those words that were put to memory so many years ago. Today He has said, "peace, my peace I leave with you ... especailly restful on a difficult day!

Kerrie said...

This is a lovely list. Thanks for sharing it. Cinnamon chips? mmmmm!