Puppy Pillows

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A couple of weekends ago a friend of mine had to go out of town for a conference.  She left her daughter and dog with us.  Their dog is actually Titan's mom, Olive. Well, when they brought in Olive's kennel I noticed a cute pillow in it.  I told my friends' daughter, "We should make one for Titan."  The next morning we got up and went to JoAnn's to buy fabric and stuffing for the pillow. We bought polar fleece to make the pillow comfy and warm. One yard of the bone pattern you see in the pictures and one yard of a light blue fleece that matched is all we needed.  Basically, the pillow is made like those tie blankets that are so easy to make.  We laid the two pieces of fabric on top of each other and cut a fringe all the way around.  Then we tied the fringes together on three sides.  Finally, we stuffed the pillow and finished tying the last edge.
 We even had enough material for a small blanket.  Titan is such a "blankie boy"...carries it around with him sometimes!

If you are interested in a tutorial on no-sew fleece blankets, check this out.

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Jamie said...

That is so cute,I am going in the morning to Walmart while there we are looking at FAbric so Jake can have a blanket.
How is Alaska righ now?