Thankful for Fall...

Monday, August 30, 2010

holy experience
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806. A trip to Anchorage
807. Six pumpkins in the garden!
808. A clean house
809. The smell of fall--because we are so far north the signs of fall are starting to show up
810. Different colored leaves
811. Laptop being fixed.
812. Great first week of Spanish lessons being taught
813. The ability and the money to shop
814. Being a Christian for 32 years
815. Celebrating my spiritual birthday!
816. Being almost finished with the Bible in 90 days
817. Hearing rain on the camper roof
818. Great Mexican food!


Sheri said...

Hi, I'm Sheri, and I'm a B90days dropout. Sigh. Meant to do it, but got so overwhelming in the middle of the library renovation.

Nice list

Debbie said...

Sheri- It's ok! You can always try again when things are less busy.

joelle said...

Nice list. What a great day to remember. Happy spiritual birthday!