My Cup Runneth Over

Monday, August 9, 2010

holy experience

Sometimes God blesses you beyond measure! Join the Gratitude Community and start counting your blessings!

763.  Blueberries galore...about 3+ gallons in the freezer.
764.  Protection while blueberry picking. We were in an area where a bear had just been shot.
765.  25 cups of jam in my food storage.
766.  Peaches
767.  A Nerf war party for my boys
768.  Clean kitchen floor
769.  Noah's success at swimming this summer.  He moved up two levels!
770.  The generosity of friends
771.  A riverboat cruise
772.  Time to de-clutter the house
773.  Thunderstorms...lightning...We don't get to experience those very often in central Alaska.


GlowinGirl said...

What wonderful blesings this week! I love to go berry picking, but we don't have to worry about bears. Thunderstorms though? A regular treat. ;)

Traci Michele said...

Stopping by to follow and say hello! Lovely blog you have!

Love Your Sister In Christ,