I am Thankful for...

Monday, May 10, 2010

holy experience

534. the fence that Tim is building around my garden to keep Titan out of it.

535.  That I will be able to plant soon.
536.  Selling a ton of cards the last few weeks!
537.  Bird chirping.
538. An opportunity for the boys to earn some money for their activities.
539. Quiet time with God.
540.  That God saves us when we can save ourselves.
541.  That school is almost over and we can take a break.
542.  Iced coffee.
543.  Ziploc bags...can't live without those!
544.  That I get to do the Schoolhouse Expo this week.
545.  That I will finally be getting a cell phone soon!
546.  Prayer. 
547.  The ability to call on God when we are struggling.
548.  That God loves us enough to show us and help us through our weaknesses.
549.  The summer ahead of us.
550.  Not having to cook yesterday.

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